A huge Autumn wishlist.

The beginning of Autumn is a perfect time to create a checklist of what to buy in coming days. It’s the opportunity to let go of old things and get the new ones. I love this season because of all the coziness it brings. We only have to find it and make it real. But there’s so many ways of doing it. The wishlist is separated into three different categories.


When it comes to beauty I want to try a few things this season. I know I may probably not buy all but I might save money for some of them. I’ve tested Hourglass and now I’m in love. I am more than happy that I can buy this brand in Poland. This season I’m haunting for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette in shade Ambient Edit. The shades are so much my cup of tea. There’s one more thing I want to test and it’s Hourglass Arch Brow Micro Scultping Pencil. I still haven’t decided if I’m shade Blonde or Warm Brunette. I guess one visit to Sephora will make it clear. Another thing I’m saving my money for is Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette. How lovely are the colours! So many Autumnal shades. The most I cannot wait for Wiggalese, Zamn and Supreme. Another thing on my list is Zoeva Soft Sun Glow Lights in shade Moonlight. This is very pretty shade I hope to suit me. Also, on this list I had to put a nail polish from Nails Inc. in shade Terracotta – Just Dropped. It’s lovely brown shade and I’d love to wear it on my nails. 


Autumn is my favourite season when it comes to clothes. You can get so creative and show your style in so many different ways. I love layering. This Autumn I want to refresh my wardrobe and try something new. Get out of my comfort zone a bit. First things I crave for this season is a long suit jacket like Orsay or Bershka has. I want the grey checked one and another in some crazy colour. I’ve found the one in Mango. Secondly, I’m so into fabric pants that are not denim. The ones which are nice in touch and looks amazing. I’ve picked a few and there’re from Vero Moda and here’s the second ones from them, and also the ones from Gina Tricot. Thirdly, I’m in love with pleated skirts and I think I’ll get myself some. They look very nice every season. I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful pleated skirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. I also love the ones from Reserved. I cannot decide which colour is the best or maybe I’ll but the green and the pink together. And one piece of clothes I crave for years now is a coat in a leopard-print. Here’s the one from Even and Odd. I have no idea where I would wear it but I’d like to have one. Even if I might look like Wilma from The Flinestones. 


There’s nothing better than buying new decorations. Even though I still live with my parents I like to refresh my decoration’s collection. Of course I cannot go all crazy about it as I will not have much space to keep it after the season’s ends. There’s one thing I can waste my money on and it’s candles. This Autumn I want to buy some of Yankee Candles Trick or Treat sounds interesting and also Evengreen Mist might smell wonderful. When it comes to decorations I would like to have a little Fox whether it’s just a figure to put on a shelf or a little moneybox. I’ve even found a very cute mug in a shape of a fox and I’m in love with foxes this Autumn. What’s more, I think it’s finally time for me to get myself a cute tea infuser. This one in a shape of raccoon is so adorable! I’m also haunting for this beautiful green blanket with pom poms.

When I’ve been creating this post I haven’t realized there’s so many things I’d like to have at some point of my life. The wishlist is not containing every single thing because it’ll last forever 😉 However, if you like to read this kind of post let me know in the comments below and I’ll for sure create another wishlist. 

What is on your wishlist for Autumn?

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