5 things you can make to transit from summer to autumn

If there’s something I like now the most about the changing seasons is the fact I can change too. I love taking some time to fully make myself comfortable and matching to the beautiful autumn we’ve got. When you can change the surrounding so you can truly feel it’s not summer anymore. I cherish every moment of it and I really want to share with you some of my ways how I do it. 

Change wardrobe

I think it’s the most important because it’s the first thing after which you’ll know it’s not summer anymore. Also, I love when I can move my light dresses back into the wardrobe and bring out sweaters, cardigans and everything that’s soft in touch and warm. Autumn is the season of layers and I’m loving it! You can mix and try new combinations of clothes you’ve already have. 

Light candles in the evenings

Candles are always great but let’s be honest autumn is the best season for them. The evenings are darker and there’s something magical with lighting a candle and cuddle under the blanket with a book or movie in TV. 

Decorate the house with pumpkins

It’s become a habit of mine that each year I buy a lot of pumpkins in September. I love different shapes and colours. When there are pumpkins everywhere in my house I fully feel autumn. There is always one or two big ones which we crave and put a candle inside. These ones are always fun to make and look incredible in the garden. 

Make a pumpkin soup and bake a pumpkin pie

With buying a lot of pumpkins it’s natural that you have to bake a pumpkin pie and make a pumpkin soup. These are the tastes I crave every year and I try to make the most of it. They taste the best in autumn.

Drink tea with honey

I love tea all year round. However, I drink tea with honey only during colder seasons. Also, I experiment with different flavours of tea. There’s a place and time for it when the days are getting colder. 

I think to this list I would add wear darker shade on lips but it’s only for those who wear lipstick. That’s why it’s just an addition to the ways I’ve mentioned above. I love autumn and at the same time I know it might be really depressing time for most of us. It’s good to make ourselves more comfortable and ready for it. 

What do you do to transit from summer to autumn? 

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