5 things I want to get back doing.

Autumn is perfect time for me to rethink what I want to achieve. I like this time of a year because I still have a lot of energy and motivation left from the summer. This season I’ve thought I’ll make it a bit different. Instead of thinking about new hobbies or things I wish to do, I’ll go back to my past and see what I used to do. What brought me joy and happiness and I’ll try to make it happen again.  I don’t want to think of too many things and then feel overwhelmed but I think 5 is a nice number when it comes to things I want to get back doing. 

First one is, singing and automatically second will be playing the guitar. I used to sing and play a lot. I used to learn new songs and occasionally think up my own. I remember the happiness and satisfaction I felt when I learnt a new song. It was very therapeutic for me and it was always lowering the anxiety in me. 

Third thing I want to get back doing is collecting stamps. If you watch my Instagram stories you’ve already know this. Recently, I’ve found my stamp album which I am hugely proud of and I crave for  more stamps in it. This is the hobby which will be quite a challenge nowadays but I’m still willing to take it. 

The stamp collecting is related to writing. It may sound weird because we send e-mails and text messages but I want to start writing letters. And in general I want to write more. I used to write a lot by hand and not on computer and I was loving it. The letters are a perfect opportunity to start writing more and let me tell you. I have a best friend who doesn’t learn near me and we hardly ever see each other. We both suck at writing text messages or phone call to one another. However, we both love writing so why not start to communicate by letters? It might be a solution to our situation. She still has no idea about it and will be probably surprised seeing a letter from me. Although I hope she’ll like it the way I like this idea. 

The fifth one is drawing. I still have a lot of pencils and colour pencils. And markers. And different papers. And I think I cannot let it go to waste. Oh my, I remember sitting in my room and there were a lot of colour pencils on desk. And how close to a drawing I was trying to make it look perfect. And there were a cup of tea next to me. That was my happy time. 

To sum up, I am very happy and motivated only from writing it. Making myself remember a lot of things I used to do and planning to do them again is quite therapeutic. I hope for the best and you can watch me on Instagram to see how the things are going. 

Do you have anything you want to get back to doing? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 

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