The bronzers and highlighters to remember the summer. Makeup Revolution Bronzer Reloaded and Cheek Kit review.

The school has started and this is a sign for me that the summer has come to an end. I am quite happy about Autumn. I cannot wait for wearing darker shades on my lips, sweaters and pumpkins everywhere. However, today I still want to stay in the summer. I’ve been testing Makeup Revolution highlighters and bronzers over last two months. The first one is Bronzer Reloaded in shade Long Weekend and the other is Cheek Kit in shade Don’t Hold Back.

They both have the same dry formula which is quite hard to blend. Bronzer Reloaded has matte finish while Cheek Kit has highlighters and bronzers with shimmer finish. I don’t know why I’ve picked those because they all have warm tones which I hardly ever wear. But it’s happened so I’ve decided to try them anyway. 

Makeup Revolution Cheek Kit
Makeup Revolution Cheek Kit

The pigmentation is very different for each shade. Long Weekend has the less pigmentation while one shade from Don’t Hold Back might be used as a eyeshadow. And now as I’m thinking about it I might use it in my Autumnal makeup. They all have more golden and copper tones than I’ve expected. I’ve thought they would have more bronze in their shades. Two colours can be used as a highlighter but to be honest for me it’s only one that is suitable for it. The rest however, are nice looking bronzers especially in the summer if you like golden shades. They would look very pretty with a tan.

Makeup Revolution Bronzer Reloaded
Makeup Revolution Bronzer Reloaded

They are hard to blend for me and I’ve had to take some time to make them look good on me. Not mentioning, they aren’t my colours and I’m not looking as good as I thought I would. It is because I don’t have any tan and these are perfect colours for someone who have a tan. When it comes to longevity it is very satisfying. The shades are visible the whole day and they don’t smudge. You can touch your face and they stay in one place. 

I think Makeup Revolution Bronzer Reloaded and Makeup Revolution Cheek Kit have perfect shades for people with tan. They are not my cup of tea. However, the quality is very nice and the longevity is great. 

What do you think about these? Do you use them?

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