Tasty Donuts from I Heart Revolution will melt your heart with cuteness

Last time I’ve been writing about I Heart Revolution and their Easter eggs. Today I want to stay with I Heart Revolution but tell you something about their different eyeshadow palette – Donuts. There are 5 different shades and I have Maple Glazed. I’ve bought it because I was tempted by the cute look of it.

The packaging

At first I thought it’ll all be a plastic donut but I was wrong. The donut shape at the top is 3D and really soft. It feels a little bit as a pillow or a jelly. It’s very nice in touch. Donut’s colours are bright and vivid. The rest is white plastic. After opening you have round mirror and 5 eyeshadows. The packaging is solid, small and light.

The palette

Maple Glazed has 5 warm shadows. There are mattes: nude and brown hue. Also, there are shimmer shades in beige, gold and orangey gold. They all feel more loose and I’d expected shimmer shade to have more creamy formula. The pigmentation is nice. You can build the colour with each layer of it. It’s a good thing because you can create light and natural makeup look the way you want it.

The pigmentation is quite nice, however you have to build the colour with each layer. They are easy to blend and the longevity is nice. They can stay in one place for most of the day.

The sum up

I like this I Heart Revolution Donuts Maple Glazed palette because it looks pretty and it’s small with natural eyeshadows in it. I tend to take it with me for short trips when I know I will be only wearing natural makeup look. It’s perfect for it! Also, the softness of the donut can be stress releasing 😉

What do you think about I Heart Revolution Donuts?

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