Are these Easter Eggs from I Heart Revolution really worth your money?

I’ve been waiting some time to finally write my opinion about Easter Eggs from I Heart Revolution. It’s only because I really wanted to test them properly and see how they feel after a few months time. These eggs come in 4 different shades: Chocolate, Flamingo, Chick and Candy. I have bought only two first shades and I’ll be telling you more about them. Inside each Easter Egg you have 5 eyeshadows and 2 highlighters.

Easter eggs, makeup

The packaging

I Heart Revolution Easter Eggs really looks like eggs but the ones which can stand by themselves. They have beautiful colours but they’re made of plastic. Eggs are quite light and have good opening. I’ve been using it for some time and it’s still not opening by itself. You know, when some palettes can have a really crap opening which after some time just doesn’t work. These Easter Eggs from Makeup Revolution have really nice opening. Not to hard, yet not too easy.

Easter eggs, makeup

The shadows of the palettes

The Flamingo has 4 eyeshadows in pinky, red shades and 1 yellow eyeshadow. The highlighters are more of a blusher shades, both in pink. The Chocolate has more variety of colors. It has 1 green, 1 pink and 3 more orangey and brown. The highlighters are in white and yellow shade. I really like they have eyashadows on one side of an egg and the highlighters on the other side. The look of it after opening is pretty simple.

The pigmentation of the eyeshadows colours is quite satisfying at first. When you want to have shimmer shades visible I’d rather you use your fingers to apply them. I’ve tried myself and it was totally worth it. Matte shades are easy to apply with the brush and the more you apply the higher visibility you can get. They blend easy but you have to be careful not to make one shade.

The highlighters are having creamy formula but to be honest I haven’t worn any of it for more than 15 minutes. I didn’t think they looked good on me but my sister, on the other hand, loves it. The colors are pretty and some I’d rather use as a blush than a highlighter.

Easter eggs

The longevity

This is the part where I was the most surprised. There have been a lot of really hot days in Poland and I’ve been wearing it during these days. I’ve been really positive surprised when after whole day of being outside the shades were in one place. No fading or creasing. And that is great!

The sum up

I Heart Revolution Easter Eggs are really nice. They have quite good pigmentation. You get 5 different eyeshadows and 2 highlighters. The packaging is creative and looking very pretty. The longevity is awesome and the only thing I think might be a problem is a shade of highlighters. They might not match every skin type. You might like eyeshadows from one egg and then the highlighters from the other. After all, I think it’s worth trying.

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