The eyeshadow palette for the summer you can get crazy with. Miyo x BeautyVTricks – Insta Glam review.

I’ve come back to test more cosmetics and I’ve come back to do my makeup more colorful than I used to. I’m experimenting with different formulas, colors and finishes. Also, testing new eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, highlighters, lipsticks etc. I must admit I like it that way even though I’m careful when I do my go-to-work makeup. On the weekends, however, I go fully crazy. In this post I’ll be telling you about the perfect eyeshadow palette for the summer.

eyeshadow palette Miyo

Recently, I’ve been using MIYO and BeautyVTricks eyeshadow palette called Insta Glam. My first impression is WOW! You get 15 different eyeshadow colors in 3 different types: matte, foil and metallic. There are so many different possibilities of makeup you can create. I totally love Algae, Morning Glory and Forget Me Nots which are greeny colours with a scent of blue.

Before I’ll tell you something more about the formulas and longevity, I’d like to tell you a little about the packaging. The drawing on the front is pretty but totally not in my type. The whole palette is thin and very handy. I love the magnes opening and that it’s made with some sort of cardboard, I guess. Inside, there is quite a big mirror.

eyeshadow palette Miyo
eyeshadow palette Mayo

Most formulas, as what I like to call, are creamy dry. Only foil and metallic ones are fully creamy. They all are a little loose but it’s just when you want to get some on the brush. The pigmentation is crazy! Sooo much colour with soo little product. Personally, I think it’s fantastic. Blending is just a dream – very easy, and longevity is even dreamer. I’ve been wearing it in 30 Celsius degrees outside for half of a day and still got it when came back home. They haven’t even creased.

I like that you can mix colors and they all fit with each other. They do not blend in one shade when next to one another. I love there are many different shades than only bronzes which gives a lot of ways to experiment with eye makeup. You can get crazy with it and when needed go back to more natural looks.

swatches of Miyo BeautyVTricks
A few swatches

I think most of the people using this palette will agree with me when I say I recommend it. It’s totally worth trying! It’s easy to blend, the longevity is fantastic. You get 15 different colors with so many possibilities to mix them. So yeah, anyone out there looking for a nice eyeshadow palette for the summer with which you can get crazy sometimes, it’s the one.

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