The golf course with the most breathtaking views worth playing at – The Golfclub Adamstal

I love travelling and exploring new places. When I can add active time-spending then it’s just perfection. Recently I’ve been to a place not only beautiful but also where you can play golf. I love this sport. It’s soooo relaxing! I, as a guest, went to Ramsau in Austria where Golfclub Adamstal is located. After first few wholes I was 100% sure it’s a golf course worth playing at.

There is The Championship Course with 18 + 1 holes and The Wallerbach Course with 9 holes. I’ve been lucky and had a chance to play on both. They both are challanging but for me 9 holes are harder. Both are wonderful but definitely The Championship Course has more breath-taking views.

I went on The Wallerbach Course first and I had 9 holes to get used to playing on different heights. We didn’t play the 9th hole but made a little break and after that we started The Championship Course. Fairways and greens were perfectly prepared and it was just a dream to play there. I love that I had to think more than usually to use all the advantages of the course. There were a few holes I didn’t finish and there were a few I played so well even I was surprised. I think it was because when you were thinking of how to play the course was helping you out. So I was reading each hole very carefully.

The most fun was hole number 19. There were around 120 meters from the tee to the green but the green was down below. So I was playing from the hill. We had a bet there. Whoever would lose had to buy others a beer. It was par 3 and all four of us made there bogeys. So we all were winners and losers at the same time (;

The 19th hole

What I haven’t mentioned is we were given two golf balls at the begining. It was the special day because usually they gave only one golf ball. We had the chance to pick up the colours we liked. Of course I didn’t play with them but kept for a memory. Also, we had a golf cart because if I understood well, players from outside had to play with golf cart. Only members of The Adamstal Club could play by foot. I was truly happy about it after first 3 holes.

The views were breath-taking and the routes for the golf carts scary some times. I am totally grateful I could play there. I hope to get back to The Adamstal Golfclub with my fiancee one day. I had so much fun and I totally recommend going there to all who loves golf. Let me know if you play golf or maybe you’re interested in it.

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