Aromatic sugar lip peeling that works perfectly

aromatic sugar lip peeling
aromatic sugar lip peeling from Wibo

Lip peelings weren’t for me, at least that’s what I had always thought. I’d prefer to use my old toothbrush until I discovered lip peeling on the shelf in the drugstore. It looked very sleek and nice and I really wanted to have it. Wibo made Aromatic Sugar lip peeling that doesn’t cost much, looks nice and is not tested on animals. I’d thought I’d give it a try and it was worth it.

What’s on the packaging?

Aromatic lip sugar peeling with cooling
effect. A vital relief for dried lips. Contains: shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil and
vitamin E. Perfect after all-day use of matte lipstick to restore skin’s radiant appearance and perfect smoothness

Wibo aromatic sugar lip peeling

Does it really work?

To be honest, it does work. The consistency of the lip scrub is thick but it’s because it’s sugar. It’s pink and the colour leaves some smudges on the lips and on the skin around it. As with every lip peeling you have to be careful using it. It can irritate the mouth or even hurt them if you press too strong. Aromatic sugar lip peeling smells very intense and the scent is a bit like these kids’ cosmetics which are added as free samples in kids’ magazines. However, it’s quite nice after some time. I think you can get used to it. What’s more, the taste is sweet but I don’t recommend eating it. Lips are left smooth with a thin creamy film on them. I don’t like it because I like to use some other lip balms after peeling.

Aromatic sugar lip peeling from Wibo is totally worth recommending. It works leaving lips smooth and healthy looking. The packaging looks pretty, the price is nice and the quality is good.

Do you use lip peelings?

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