Some advice at the begining ​of the wedding planning.

I have started organizing my wedding a few months ago and I must say it’s the most exciting and stressing thing ever. My fiance has bought me a wedding planner and since then I’m the main head of the reception. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of and today I want to share with you some advice. It’s only the begining but I think it may be useful to some of you.

Advice at the begining of wedding planning

  1. Have a notebook or wedding planner to write everything down. Every inspiration, every name, every idea. Also, write everything you find out from some people so later on they won’t fool you.
  2. Set a budget. That’s the most important. I’ve set a budget for everything and I try not to go over it. Of course, there will be stuff you will have to spend more on but there will be some areas you will be able to save some money.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask. Even the stupidest question you think is never bad. I’ve talked with a lot of photographers and trust me I have some main questions I just want to know the answer for. You’re organizing the wedding for the first time and you want it to be perfect so asking a lot of question is a good idea. You have to know every detail so later you’re not disappointed.
  4. Have the date reserved as early as possible. It is really important especially when it comes to the restaurant. We had some problems because most of the places we’ve looked for were already booked. We’ve finally found a perfect place and I’ve been so happy that they had the date free.
  5. Compare different photographers, florists, video recorders. Don’t settle for the first you find. There might be someone else you can find more interesting to work with.

I think I’ll update this list as I’ll be experiencing more. I hope you’ll find it useful and if you have any advice to me you can write them in the comments below.

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