What to use to avoid having dry cuticles? AA Wings of Color, Oil Therapy Rose Elixir review.

My cuticles are most of the time dry especially when I’m not using a hand cream regularly. The hand cream helps them but there are times when they need special care. By that I mean I have to use a cosmetic designed specially for cuticles. Trust me I’m always having trouble with finding the one working.

AA Wings of Color, Oil Therapy Rose Elixir

The packaging is amazing. I love the shape of the bottle and that it’s seethrough. I love a little petals and grass pieces inside. They make the whole product look beautiful on a nightstand. The oil has a pipette which is nice but at the same time it’s a little difficult to apply it on cuticles. Maybe a brush would be better but for sure it wouldn’t look great as it is now. Or maybe it would. Anyway, the cosistency is very greasy and one third of a drop of water is enough for one finger. I like to use it only to sleep because it doesn’t dry fast. It stays on the cuticles for a really long time and you can leave fingertips everywhere until it’s fully absorbed.

Only after a few uses my cuticles became more healthy looking. They also felt more moisturized and softer. I still haven’t learnt how to use the pipette so I don’t apply too much. I guess it’s something I’ll be better at with every day.

What do you think about it? Do you use something for dry cuticles?

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