This product changed my eyebrow game and I love it! Wibo Eyebrow Pomade review.

I don’t test many eyebrow products. When something is working for me I stick to it and hardly ever change it. But there comes a time when I want a change. When I want to use something else. When the colour of the product doesn’t work for me anymore. And it was the same here. I wanted change and I wanted to try something else than pencil or brow shadows.

Wibo, Eyebrow Pomade in Blonde

The pomade is in the mini glass jar. I picked up colour Blonde which surprised me a lot. It’s not very light shade or has much warm tones. It’s pretty dark as for blonde. The pomade has very smooth consistency. I believe it’s because it’s composed of wax and eyebrow shadow. The pigmentation is very nice. I like it because the brows looks amazing and quite natural. However I have to be careful because it’s very easy to make them look badly. The pomade is waterproof and trust me the longevity is wonderful. I had it the whole day and even after having a nap it still looked nice. What’s more, it comes with a little brush but I don’t use it, but I think it’s quite nice quality.

I think this became my favourite eyebrow product. I love the consistency, the colour and the general look it makes. I totally recommend it to try.

What do you think about eyebrow pomades? Have you tried this one?

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