The 3 great eyeshadow palettes on my shopping list.

Spring is the season when I find it hard not to buy a lot of makeup. I really get very excited and motivated for new makeup products. And I’m always creating a wishlists for everything. It’s the time when I can splurge a lot of money only to have even more cosmetics than I already have. Today I want to share with you my shopping list for eyeshadow palettes.

Two Faced – Natural Lust
MIYO & BeautyVTricks – Insta Glam

They all are my cup of tea and I really want to test them all. They seem to have a few colours in common but there are some who are totally different. I wonder what they’re like and I hope to know it soon 😉

Do you know these palettes? What do you think about them? Would you recommend buying them?

2 thoughts on “The 3 great eyeshadow palettes on my shopping list.

  1. I am excited for the Natural Lust palette too – it looks so pretty!! I have the Natural Love one and LOVE it!! I will also be picking up the Riveria palette!

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