How to overcome the procrastination? 5 easy steps to stop procrastinating and start having things done.

I think everyone has procrastinated at least once. I used to do it a lot during my uni years. I remember the moment when I stopped care for anything and I didn’t have any motivation or energy. It was a time when I had decided to change that state. It was hard at first but became easier and easier day after day. Now I feel like I need to take my own advice. I blame the upcoming spring and the changing of seasons for my lack of motivation and general tiredness. If I could, I’d postpone everything.

What is procrastination?


the act of delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring

Cambridge Dictionary

5 easy steps to stop procrastinating

Turn off everything

Turn off your mobile phone, your Ipad or any device that could disturb you. I like to turn the volume down (instead of turning it off) and put it somewhere I cannot see it. So for the time I work, I am not interested in what is happening in social media. I am also not feeling the urge to answer text messages or to pick up the phone. I work in silence. If you still find it hard, I recommend dowloading the great app that will keep you focused. The app is Forest – Stay Focused and I use it all the time. You set the time for which you want to stay focused and it grows trees. During that time you cannot use yor phone otherwise the trees will die. The aim is to have a beautiful forest in your phone 😉


I love when my work place is tidy. So before I get to work I clean up my desk and the area around it. I don’t like to have a mess around me. Unneeded things can absorb my attention, which cause me stopping what I do and do something completely not important at all. ‘The less the better’ works for me in this case.


First of all, I am always full. I never get to work hungry because instead of working I start to imagine what to eat. Secondly, I like to have a bottle of water and some snacks around me. When I feel tired I refill my batteries by drinking some water and eating some food. That’s why I don’t even have to stop what I am doing.

Start doing it

It’s simple and the most important, I guess. I just sit down and start doing what I have to do. That’s the best what can be done. Even if I feel a bit tired at first, I don’t stop. I keep going and suddenly it makes me have more and more energy. I have more motivation after the work than I had before it.


After every 30 minutes, I take a 5-minute break. I stretch, make a little walk around my room and sit down again. Only five minutes. Or I go and make myself a cup of tea.

These are the 5 easy steps that help me with my procrastination. I hope they will help you too. What’s more, I also like to have a little notebook next to me, so when something comes up to my mind (for example you have to vacuum) I just write it down for later.

What do you do to stop procrastinating?

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