The matte liquid lipstick that has amazing colour, Nabla Dreamy review.

If there is one category of makeup I can have a lot in my makeup collection it’s definitely lips products. I love all different kinds of lipsticks, lip pencils, lip balms, lip crayons and lip glosses. I wear them a lot and definitely have some of my favourite. The one I’ll be talking about today was bought before December specially for my advent calendar.

Nabla, Dreamy in colour Broadway

It’s matte liquid lipstick in beautiful packaging. It’s perfect for a gift. The lipstick itself is pretty light because it’s in plastick however it’s not looking or feeling cheap. Before I’ll start telling you about it more, it’s good to let you guys know that this lipstick is cruelty free and vegan. Isn’t it amazing!

The lipstick has this light and dry feeling consistency you don’t feel when applying. It dries a bit slowly which I think can be a little annoying especially when in a rush. However the application itself is very easy. The lipstick has nice, small and precise applicator. You don’t need to be a professional to have it looking perfectly on the lips. Trust me, I’ve even managed to apply it in a moving car (I wasn’t a driver to make it clear). Also, it’s fully matte and that is great.

The longevity is awesome if you don’t drink or eat. After these activities the lipstick feels a bit sticky on lips. I like to wipe it out and apply it once again. It’s better that way. When it comes to the colour it’s very beautifully looking brick-red shade with a little bit of orange maybe. I love how it looks on the lips!

I like it because it has a beautiful colour and is very light on lips. Also, it’s matte liquid lipstick. However I’m not sure I’ll buy it again knowing that it dries quite slowly and gets sticky after eating and drinking. It’s definitely perfect for the gift and I’ll be happy to receive it as a present 🙂

What do you think about Nabla Dreamy liquid matte lipstick?

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