March and its goals that I want to achieve

My February goals were almost all achieved. The only thing I’ve struggled with is starting excersizing more. The month passed by without any physical activity from my side. In March I really want to change this state. I need to start setting goals every month so I can feel better.

Surround myself with cut flowers

I really want to feel spring so what’s the better way than to surround yourself with cut flowers. My favourite are tulips so I want them everywhere around me.

Get back to colouring books

I used to colour books every day and it was really relaxing. I was more happy and in general less stressed. I have a lot of colouring pencils and whenever I see them I really miss colouring.

Buy myself a new bike

The weather is warmer and near my place where I live there is a beautiful National Park. It’s a perfect place for cycling and I’ve sold my bike a few years ago. Since then I’ve been borrowing the bike from my sister or my mum. I think it’s finally time to have my own one especially when I’m planning to be cycling more this season.

I think all these goals are achievable so I am even more motivated.

What are your March goals?


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