Allergies and how to deal with them naturally

The season of allergies has just began for me and it will end around late September. My main allergen, which are pollen of hazel, has started to dust. And I know that from this point it’ll get worse and worse as the days will be getting warmer and warmer. Other trees and different kinds of grasses will bloom and I’ll be loving it while suffering. But I got used to it now and I want to share with you my experiance on how I deal with all the sypmtoms of the allergy.

Visit a specialist if you think you have an allergy

This is the most important to never diagnose yourself on your own. Visit the doctor you always go to and he should tell you where you can find a specialist of allergy. Make an appointment and before visit make a list what your symptoms are. It’s better to wrote all them down and all the things that you think caused them. When on the appointment you will be sure you won’t forget to mention them all.

Have allergy tests done

The specialist should address you to tests so you know what you’re allergic to. However, if you don’t want to go to the specialist or there isn’t any near you, then you can do tests in the nearest laboratory. I didn’t have to pay for my allergological tests because it was paid from the health insurance I had. But I know that this kind of tests can cost a lot and having it sponsored is a really great option for most of us. But no matter what if you’re paying yourself or your health insurance covers it, it is worth having the tests done.

Don’t buy medicines for allerg without prescription

The allergist will write you a prescription with the medicines and most of them you will be able to use all year round. There are medicines for allergies without prescription (especially pills) but as my doctor has told me they are ok to take for one week only. After that time you have to have a break from taking them.

Natural ways to deal with allergy symptoms

Beside taking medicines you can always do something so the symptoms aren’t that much bothersome. When it comes to food allergies you simply avoid eating products you’re allergic to. When it comes to different pollen, dust or anything that is in the air I have a few tips you can do to feel better.

  • take quick showers – it is good to wash off all you have on your skin and what you cannot see. When you’re spending a lot of time outside those showers from time to time in a day might help you a lot. You wash your skin from the allergen and this is something your body will be grateful for.
  • every time you get back home wash your hands and face – we don’t even realize how many invisible things sit on our faces when we’re outside. When you’re not allergic to anything you simply don’t care about that and probably taking care of your skin in the evening is enough. When you’re having an allergy washing your face more often is a must. You prevent all the allergens from going to your eyes making them itchy and dry.
  • carry handkerchiefs with you – whenever you feel your eyes start to itch take one handkerchief and put it near your eye. The point is to take off the allergen that might be in or near the eye area. Also, if you scratch your eye area a little you won’t put all the allergens you have on your fingertips into your eye making it itch even more.
  • have wet wipes for the face with you – I’ve been in the situations when on the long walk I felt as if my face was covered in pollen. It wasn’t a nice feeling because it felt sticky and like it was boiling under the skin. That was the moment I really wanted to get back home quickly and wash the face. I came up with the idea to carry around some wet wipes with me. So now whenever I’ll be outside and I’ll feel that my face needs washing I’ll be ready.

This is all I have to share with you when it comes to allergies. This is written from my experience and I hope it will help you to deal with your allergies. Let me know what is your experience and tips, I’d love to read them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! My family dreads spring time allergies. The thing that usually helps us is to regularly vacuum and clean your carpets to remove pollen and allergens from the home. We’ll definitely be trying some of these tips:)

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