Good quality mat lipstick and lip contour you can get in a supermarket.

Recently, I’ve gone to one of supermarkets and I’ve discovered great makeup brand. I’ve heard about it but I was surprised that it was there. I mean, probably nothing’s weird about that because most supermarkets have some good makeup brands. But still, I’ve never seen this brand in any bigger drugstore so I’ve always thought it is hard to find in smaller towns. And there I was in the supermarket looking at the shelf with a lot of makeup from them.

The brand is Bell and the makeup I’ve picked up in the supermarket are mat lip contour and mat lipstick. Both are in shade 001 Pudding and it is a very natural looking colour. The shade is a peachy nude. It’s fully matte and the longevity is insane. I mean, I wasn’t expected it to be so great. On lips they feel like silk, they are light and after a few seconds, you forget you have anything applied. They both smell of vanilla which is wonderful.

The lip liner and lipstick are very easy to apply. You don’ need to worry about carrying a sharpener around with you because you can twist them and the product comes out. When it comes to the packaging, it is simple and pretty. Beige with golden lyrics is very nice looking.

I recommend it because for little money, I don’t remember how much, but I know it wasn’t expensive, you get a really good quality makeup product. The colour and longevity are great. Both have identical shade and you don’t have to worry about the right sharpener because both are twisted.

Let me know if you use and recommend anything from Bell?

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