6 ways of how to spend Valentines Day with your lover.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

It doesn’t even matter if you like this event or not, but it’s something that is happening every year and we cannot escape it. If you like this day and you are thinking of what to do to celabrate it then this post is for you. This year Valentines Day is on Thursday so some of you might be planning something special on the weekend. I totally understand that because why not do that? (; You may or may not have a second-half to go out with but still you can have fun. Valentines Day is all about love and I think we should love not only someone else but also ourselves.

A romantic dinner

This is always a good choice. And it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. You can go to the restaurant you like and create the atmosphere for yourself. But if you like all the decorations that go with it then almost all restaurants are organizing the special dinner for two.

Go to the cinema

This one is a classic. They are always playing something in the cinemas so there are plenty movies to chose from. The only problem is that the tickets for the specific movies on Valentines Day might be already sold out. But I think it’s a good way to spend the evening.

Have a date at mini-golf course

If there is a mini-golf course near you and you don’t like the idea of going to the cinema and sitting for two hours, then you might like this idea. I am a person myself who prefers being active to not being active. And I’d love to have a date like this. Of course, after the game you still can go for a dinner or to the cinema, or both.

Have a cooking pizza contest

Cooking together is a great opportunity to know each other better and have some fun. Also, there is food involved so it’s a perfect idea. You can make some pizza for each other and try to decide who’ve done it better. A lot of time spend in the kitchen might warm up the atmosphere and if not, well, you have a delicious home-made pizza.

Go for a weekend somewhere special

This is a more expensive one. Also, if you’re working then it might happen only on the weekend. But there are plenty places you can choose from and a lot of different deals so everyone will find something for them. Relaxing and having time only for the two of you is very nice.

Visit Escape Room

If you don’t like usual dates with your lover then you can take her/him to escape room. You’ll have 60 minutes to work together and get yourself out of the room. A lot of fun and also you have great memories to go back to. There are so mamy different escape room that for sure you’ll find something perfect for you.

These are my ideas for how to spend Valentines Day. Of course, they can be mixed and combined. The most important thing is the day to show your love to the special one and to yourself.

Let me know your ideas how to spend this day. I’d love to know.

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