Four easy steps to not give up on achieving your resolutions.

I’ve thought it’ll be a great idea to look through some of my older posts and refresh them. This one was written in 2016 and I might need it right now. I am really motivated but some of my resolutions start to vanish. So I need to go through them again and adjust them so my mind won’t be on “give up” mode when looking at each point. Below are simple steps how to make your resolutions or goals more achievable.


If I have created a lot of resolutions and I see I’m not moving with any of them I like to grade. What I mean is I evaluate each point and mark one or two the most important I cannot give up on. All the others are put in a new order but I am not getting stressed if I do not achieve them. Of course, I try not to give up on them. Grading helps me with negative emotions that appear when I realize I might fail. 

Write down the ones not started yet

When I grade all my resolutions I write down the ones I haven’t started yet. I like to see the balance here. I feel good when it is positive (most of my goals are started somehow). But I try not to get too upset when I discover the balance is negative (my goals are still in my dreams). This step only means I have to change my attitude and the way I motivate myself. This one is the perfect moment to think of other things that will help to keep going.

Modify the general into the specific

I like this word modify because it allows the change. Sometimes the change is the best solution. What I do is I try to modify the general sentences into little specific steps. This way they are more measurable and achievable. For example, the general sentence: ‘I will exercise more’ I’ll change into: ‘On each Saturday I will practice Yoga for 15 minutes’. So every Saturday it’ll be easier for me to find only 15 minutes for Yoga.


Some of the goals are harder to achieve. The good idea is to write the reward you’ll give yourself if you fully accomplish one. It can be anything you think about. The rewarding system helps me to look at my resolutions in a challenging way. Also, it helps me to better organize myself and as a result accomplish all of them so I can collect what’s waiting for me.  

I hope this post will help you with achieving your resolutions and goals. Let me know what do you think about these four steps.  


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