The great Nuxe gift set that can make wonders.

Recently, I’ve written a post about Nuxe as a brand. Today I want to share with you my opinion about some of their products. I’ve heard a lot about this brand and I’ve always wanted to try something from them. The Christmas time was a perfect time for it because almost every brand had a gift set. And Nuxe also made a gift sets and my sister bought me one. It was really thoughtful of her.

The gift set I have is Nuxe XMASS and it’s still on the available on the market. So if you want to try it out you can buy it at Nuxe or at Super-Pharm. In this set you get 4 products and all four are incredible.

Reve de Miel (15g) Honey Lip Balm

This one is my total favourite and all other lip balms are not existing anymore. It is super nourishing and repairing at the same time. I’ve taken it with me to Livigno where there were freezing temperature, cold wind and everything that could easily make the lips dry and patchy. And trust me in that kind of conditions it worked amazingly. My lips were and still are hydrated and nourished.

The formula is pretty thick and greasy but you don’t need much for your lips. The application is very easy because you apply it with your fingers. The smell of sweet and citrus mixed together is just wonderful. And it doesn’t taste of anything which is incredible compared to how amazing and intense the smell is. On the lips, it feels light and creamy and I like that.

When it comes to its repairing properties they are quite impressive. My fiancee had a little problem with a small piece of very dry skin on his hand. And I decided to use this lip balm on that. I put a little more product on that spot and on the next day the skin was visibly in better condition. I couldn’t believe that because we had tried a lot of different products and most of them were helping a little but after stopping using them the spot was again very dry. With this one he used couple of times and the spot is gone. So yes, I totally am in love with Nuxe Reve de Miel honey lip balm because it really works and does a great job.

Huile Prodigieuse (30ml) multi-purpose dry oil

This is the product I cannot say much about. I like to use oils for my body but in the summer rather than in the winter. But I’ve tried this one on my hair and I am satisfied. The hair looks shiny and more healthy than before. Also, the formula is nice because it is dry which means my hands are not greasy after using it. This is incredible! I love it for that.

Reve de Miel (30ml) Hand and Nail Cream with honey, precious oils and vitamin E

The hand cream is light but at the same time, it has this creamy feel on hands. It’s not greasy but dry, which is wonderful because you don’t leave fingertips everywhere. The cream absorbs super fast and it leaves the very nice film on the skin. You can feel it even after a few hours. It has repairing properties as the lip balm, however, it is not that much thick as the lip balm. The smell of the cream is nice.

Creme Fraiche de beaute (30ml) 48hr Moisturizing Cream

This one has a creamy formula and it leaves a nice film on the skin. For the application, you need a little more amount of the cream. I guess it’s because of its quite thick consistency. The skin is moisturized and hydrated. Also, there is this feeling of healthy and smooth skin. I like that even after a couple of hours this feeling is remaining.

I like Nuxe products and for sure I am trying some more in the future. Definitely repurchasing the lip balm because it’s great. I recommend all these cosmetics. They are totally worth trying.

Have you used any of above? What do you think about them? Do you recommend anything else from Nuxe?

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