The great app that helps you drink suffiecent water every day.

I am a freak when it comes to downloading new apps on my phone. I like to scroll down the list of the apps and try out those I think might be useful for me. At the moment I should uninstall half of them because I’m not using them anymore. But every time I open them I am like “what a great app, I should start using it again”. The truth is I’ve stopped using some because there are better ones there. But I’m not here to talk about those. Today I want to tell you about the app I love.

Plant Nanny 2 by Fourdesire is the new app, but to be honest it’s upgraded version of Plant Nanny. I loved the first edition and I’ve been using it almost all the time. But first things first, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. Plant Nanny 2 is the application that helps you drink enough amount of water every day. It’s for those people who, like me, have a problem with drinking water and normally designed apps don’t work on them. I mean, the idea of watering the plant and seeing how it grows is just cute and very motivating.

In the beginning, you have to set your weight and activity level so that the application can estimate how much water you need to drink per day. Then you set the cup volume you’d be using to help you measure the amount of water you drink. Of course, this information can be changed anytime. It’s not like you set them up at first and then they’re unchangeable. What’s more, you can have a drinking reminder to remember of drinking water.

In this app, you have 7 plants to chose from, but I hope they’ll add a few more. Of course, only one plant is for free and for the rest you pay with the seeds. Don’t worry you don’t have to spend normal money to buy seeds. When the plant is fully grown you move it to the greenhouse and each day it produces the seeds for you. You can check what is the level of the current plant you’re having and when it’ll evolve. Also, there is a history of each day and the amount of water you have drunk. It’s very nicely shown on the bar graph. Above the history, you have a picture of a human and he’s filling with water every time you drink. He’s the representation of a current day, how much water you’ve drunk and you see how much you still have to consume.

What’s more, you can pick a name for your plant and the pot for your plant. You can change it whenever you like only when it’s moved to the greenhouse it’s unchangeable. By having plants in the greenhouse you upgrade the level of it. And what’s interesting by getting to some level you can discover some kind of creatures that will come and join you. I have no idea what they are as I’m still on my first plant. Also, while growing your plant it stays on the tree trunk and next to it you have a sign of how many meters the tree is high. I’ve found out that leveling up will make the tree rise and isn’t that cool? I hope the view behind it will also change every time it’ll get higher.

To sum up, I love this app. It’s very easy to use and the it is designed beautifully. I love the idea of watering the plant as the metaphor for drinking the water yourself. Taking care of the plant makes you take care of yourself. It helps to create the habit of always drinking water because let’s be honest it’s very important. The only thing I miss here is the history that can be changed. I know it’ll not be the same app then because you cannot water the plant in the past. But it’ll be very useful as there are those times when I simply don’t use my phone and I might not use the app (it happened with the older application). All in all, I totally recommend this app for everyone who wants to create a habit of drinking water but do it in a cute way.

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