Nuxe – the French eco-friendly brand worth knowing of.

Do you ever read about the brand of cosmetics you use? What’s their history or what they care of? Are you interested in getting to know something about it or you’re just using something because you like it? I’ve started to search for information about different brands I like. And I must say it’s very interesting. I like it better when I know that the brand is eco and not testing on animals. So if you like to know something about the brand this is the post for you. In this one, I want to introduce you to the brand Nuxe. It is a French brand and I’ve become a fan of it.

A little bit of history

At the beginning of the 1990s, Aliza Jabès took over a small Parisian laboratory and she decided to create a beauty care brand. She named it Nuxe. One year later, The Huile Prodigieuse Oil was made. It was a first multifunctional dry oil for the face, the body, and the hair. The oil is still one of the best selling Nuxe product.

In 2002, Nuxe opened its first spa in the heart of Paris. Since then the brand has opened 46 spas of which 10 are located around the world. Personally, for me, it is quite impressive. In 2008, Aliza decided to go further and created with her laboratory Bio-Beauté by Nuxe – a brand of certified organic care.

In 2012, Nuxe launched its anti-aging care for 10 patents, Nuxellence. In 2014, after having bought a pioneering laboratory in the use of collagen, Aliza Jabès and her scientific teams file a patent on micro-collagen vectorized, active at the base of a new brand of anti-aging cosmetics: Resultime.

What’s the philosophy of Nuxe?

Nuxe takes care of women, we want each of our clients to look and feel special. We put a lot of work into creating products at the highest level. For the production of our cosmetics, we do not use parabens, mineral oils, substances of animal origin or plastic microparticles. We guarantee that all our products are of high quality, have been made in France, have not been tested on animals and comply with applicable regulations.


They take care not only of our skins but also they are doing a lot to take care of the environment. Nuxe produces eco-friendly packagings and by that it allows them to reduce the water consumption, protect trees and reduce gas emissions comparable to 170 car trips around the world.

Nuxe optimizes biodegradability to the highest degree by creating product compositions that allow easy rinsing, which makes them more biodegradable. Also, they work to protect the environment by caring for the natural environment of bees. They invest in pesticide-free beehives in the Vosges region of France.

To sum up, I think this is the brand worth knowing of. I like that they do beautiful products as I love they do it by not forgetting to take care of the environment. I’m trying a few their products now so the review is going up soon. However, I can tell you I am very satisfied with what I have.

Let me know if you’ve heard about Nuxe. What do you think about it?

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