The place where you feel good. A little adventure in Livigno.

I’ve just came back from Livigno, Italy and I must say I miss it already. I’ve spent the great week with my fiance and my parents. We’ve been having a lot of fun skiing, eating and just enjoying ourselves while being there.

Some information about Livigno.

Livigno is a town and comune in the province of Sondrio, in the region of Lombardy, Italy. It’s located in the Italian Alps, near the Swiss border. Only three roads lead to the town. Two links to Switzerland, one through the Forcola di Livigno, open only during the summer. The second through the Munt la Schera Tunnel and this is how we’re getting there every single time in the winter. While reading about Livigno I’ve learned that there is the third road that connects to other parts of Italy through the Foscagno Pass.

What’s more to know about Livigno is that it’s a duty-free area which is great. You can buy a lot of different products way more cheaper than usual which is awesome.

When it comes to the weather, well, it has a cold and dry climate. Most of the winter days the temperature is freezing and snow is everywhere. In the summer the temperatures are above 10 °C (50 °F). Temperatures over 20 °C (68 °F) are rare there.

My stay there

It is not a surprise that I went there for skiing. I love this sport however next season I might switch to snowboard. The mountain is prepared perfectly. First two days were snowing but after that, we had only sunny days. There weren’t a lot of people on the slopes and that was a perfect condition. My fiance, whose it was a first time skiing, fell in love with the slopes and Livigno. He was very happy that the weather for most of the times was beautiful and that there were not many people.

As usual Bob The Minion was traveling with us and he had a lot of photos taken. They are truly the best and I can assure you he is happy.

When it was sunny we were making stops at the mountain bars to sunbathe. Oh, and to drink hot chocolate. I cannot lie but the hot chocolate with cream at the top of the mountain tastes 100% better than anywhere else. When we were getting back from the slopes we were taking a quick shower and going for a walk. I loved this kind of lifestyle because I was spending most of the day outside. And in the evenings we were playing games.

Also, we had dinner in different restaurants. I loved their pizza and pasta. They were the best, no one makes the pizza and the pasta as Italians. When it comes to something else to eat, well, I had eaten better steaks and fish than I had there. That is my personal opinion and of course, everyone can have a different one.

To sum up, I had the greatest time there and I’m definitely going back. I don’t know when but I am. I love everything about this town – the people, the food, the weather, the slopes. I totally recommend this place for everyone.

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