The checklist the day before Christmas Eve || Blogmas 2018 day 22

We are almost there so it’s the perfect time to double check if all is prepared. To help you, and also myself, I’ve created the checklist the day before Christmas Eve. It’s good to write everything down and really check if all that is already done, or if you have everything you need for the special day. There is something very satisfying when you cross out all the things that are already done. You really can see how many things you’ve managed to do. I really like that part.

  • clean the house
  • have gifts for everyone – if not, there is still some time to get the ones missing
  • wrap all the gifts
  • prepare the food that can be prepared earlier
  • have all the ingredients for cooking and baking
  • bake all the cakes and pies that can be baked earlier
  • have Christmas Tree decorated
  • check if there are enough plates and cutlery for all the guests
  • send all the Christmas cards
  • put on Christmas bedding
  • have Christmas movies list prepared
  • prepare your outfit for Christmas Eve
  • prepare board games for cozy Christmas evening
  • create a playlist of Christmas songs and carols to play during Christmas
  • prepare lyrics for carols so everyone can sing along

Let me know if you’d like to add something to this list 🙂

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