What Christmas looks like in​ my house? || Blogmas 2018 day 21

I’ll not lie that Christmas Eve is the most important day of all Christmas. It’s the day when all the family get-together and we talk, eat and we’re just having a great time. I think it’s also because the whole day is spent on preparations so we can all feel the magic of the day while the next two days are spent relaxing.

Christmas Eve

We all get up quite early but it’s not like we have to get up at the specific our. We eat breakfast and prepare for the whole day. This means we create a to-do list and each person has its own tasks. We clean a little because most of the cleaning is done before. Most of the day is spent in the kitchen preparing dishes and I think it’s my the best time of the whole day. It’s not like I don’t like the rest of the day but it’s something magical when we prepare all the dishes together with my sister and my mum. We sing carols, we laugh and we’re just having a good time.

At around noon my dad gets back from work and he helps us. His task is very simple, cook the turkey. I don’t want to brag but my dad makes the most delicious turkey on the whole world. While the preparations in the kitchen are almost done, I and my sister decorate the table for the dinner. We take out our special cutlery and plates for this evening. When everything is ready I with my sister go to dress up and my parents play the role of Santa Claus. This means my dad rings the door bell and my mum invites the Santa in. She then calls us but the Santa tells loudly he doesn’t have much time and is in the rush. When we get back in the living room the presents are already under the Christmas Tree and my parents always say we are late because we missed the Santa. This is something nice and we all play the same role every single year. We all are having fun. Also I and my sister,we add our gifts under the tree when parents aren’t looking.

We sit to dinner table at around 18:00 when the first star is showing on the sky. It’s the tradition we try to hold on to. Also, before the dinner we make wishes and share wafer with each other. The we dine and talk and just have a good time. After the dinner we take our glasses of wine and sit in the living room next to the Christmas Tree. In Poland we open the gifts on Christmas Eve. The youngest or the person picked by the whole family is sharing the gifts between all.

At midnight we go to church, sing carols and when we get back everyone is really tired but genuinely happy.

First and second Day of Christmas

We just eat what is left from the Christmas Eve and simply we relax watching Christmas movies. I and my fiance we visit his family if the Christmas Eve was spent with my family. These are the days I like the most because everyone is nice to one another and you can see the people you haven’t seen for a while. Oh and, the food is the best during Christmas. I simply love Christmas dishes!

On the second day my family have a tradition of going to the cinema. We watched all three Hobbit movies and three Star Wars movies in previous years. Also, we go for a long walk with the dog because after all this sitting and eating it’s good to move.

This is how Christmas looks like in my house. Let me know what Christmas looks in your house.

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