What’s in my bag? Christmas edition || Blogmas 2018 day 20

During the holiday season, I don’t like to carry a lot of things with me. What’s more, I’ve become a huge fun of slightly smaller bags. They are perfect for everything. You can go for a walk, shopping or for a meeting with a friend taking only what you really need with you. Your shoulder doesn’t hurt and the small bag will fit everywhere.

I’ve bought mine in Orsay on sale. I couldn’t resist myself because of the design. The shape is very cute. The deep green colour and painted flowers are just perfect. It’s suiting this season very well. It’s not available anymore but there is a different one from the new collection. The same shape only different colours ||link||. Also, there is another one in the same shape but the design is a bit different ||link||.

What do I carry around with me lately?

The first things are my wallet, with all my documents and some money, and my car keys. I also have the winning scratch I’ve bought two months ago and I still haven’t gone to the spot where I can pick up my award. A small one but still. Next things are my elastic band, my card with my next hairdresser’s appointment and my earphones.

Because it’s the festive season I always carry with me the lipstick I’m wearing. At the moment it’s Milani, 08 Ruby Valentine. The colour is this beautiful deep red, the formula is creamy and the scent of it is amazing. I’ve never smelled the lipstick of this scent before. It’s hard to describe but it’s addictive for sure. And when I’m not wearing any lipstick I like to have one of my EOS lip balms with me so my lips don’t get dry.

The last thing I like to carry with me is my hand cream. My hands get easily dry during winter and I really have to take special care of them. I’ve got the Finca Canaries, Aloe Vera Crema Manos ||brand introduction||. The formula is light and quick absorbing. The scent is delicate yet nice. It doesn’t leave the greasy film as some hand cream can do that. This hand cream moisturizes the skin and because of its light formula, I think it’s perfect for the colder seasons.

That’s all I’ve wanted to share with you 🙂 Let me know what’s in your bags? What do you carry around with you recently?

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