My little Christmas town decoration || Blogmas 2018 day 19

I’ve not been feeling well for the whole day today. I’ve got a terrible cough, bad headache and every muscle in my body hurt like hell. I’ve nearly not written this post, however, my fiance has motivated me to do it even though he sees the little poor gnome I am. I don’t have an energy to write anything more or give my opinions to anything that’s why I’ve decided to share with you my little Christmas town decoration I am proud of.

As the days are passing by and the countdown to Christmas is nearly finished, I’ve reorganized my space with advent calendars. I don’t need empty boxes or the little packages the candies were in. I’ve recycled most of them and some I’ve kept for later. I’ve left the days that are ahead and it turns out there is a lot of space. That’s why I’ve put a few Christmas decorations to it and for me it is a little Christmas town.

The main Christmas tree I made myself two years ago. My love for reindeers and these cute gnomes is visible in every picture. I think it all looks pretty cozy and cute. Also, you can see that Bob, the Minion, is waving to you. What’s the story with Bob? Since I’ve got him he’s with me most of the time. He even traveled with me and my fiance to New York and he even had his own photos taken there. So Bob’s a part of my family 😉

I hope with this post I’ve inspired you how you can decorate a little space in your room.

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