A huge decluttering of my makeup table || Blogmas 2018 day 18

As each year, or from time to time, I like to declutter my makeup table. I collect makeup through the year and I hardly ever throw away anything. Only if something is really bad then it goes to the bin. Otherwise, I can keep things for a really long time. I’ve decided it’s the perfect time to finally do the general cleaning. What’s more, I’ve been really strict and I think I’ve done it quite well.

Lip products

Firstly, I’ve cleared my lipstick collection. It wasn’t that easy, because I simply love lip products. I divided them into colour groups. Therefore, I knew which one is almost the same and I don’t need two similar lip shades. Of course, there were some exceptions because there were some I love or simply they had a different formula. Then, I threw away the ones I had had for a long time.

The lip products I need to repurchase:

  • Catrice, Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick, 040 Pink Macaron
  • Catrice Cosmetics, Infinite Shine Lip Gloss, 110 Tangarine Tango
  • Rimmel London, 070 Airy Fairy
  • Rimmel London, 058 Drop of Cherr

Eyeshadows pallets

Here not much has changed. I like most of my eyeshadow pallets because I don’t have many. And each I buy I’m always trying to be sure it’s the one I’ll be using a lot. Especially that I’m trying to invest in a little more expensive ones so I don’t want to be disappointed with it. This method works so far and the high-end pallets are the ones I love and use a lot. It’s a bit different about the pallets that are cheaper. I can get crazy from time to time and just test something even if I know I might not be happy about the purchase. Anyway, the only eyeshadow pallet I threw away was Sleek Makeup, Nautical Collection, Calm Before the Storm. The reason was that it ran out of date and it was giving me something like an allergic reaction every time I used it.

Brow products, mascaras, eyeliners and concealers

Oh man, I’ve thrown away almost all. Here I’ve made a total clear out. Old mascaras I’ve kept so I can use the brushes later. The ones I’ve kept are the ones from Maybelline, Lash Sensational ||review||. When it comes to brow products I had a few pencils that were out. So literally I had been storing empty packages of brow pencils in my makeup table. Like why had I done that? NYX, eyebrow cake powder is staying with me. Most of the eyeliners are in the bin now. I’m not using them a lot recently. Oh and concealers I had two and I still have two – Catrice, Liquid Camoflage High Coverage Concealer and NYX, HD Studio Photogenic Concealer.

Blushes, highlighters, bronzers and powders

I had a lot and I still have a lot. I’ve thrown away only a few that I didn’t like using and the ones that were out of their expiry date. I like all my makeup products and I honestly use them all. However, I think I should be more strict with them. So maybe I’ll go back and I’ll try to declutter it better. Anyway, for sure I’ll be repurchasing Lirene Dermoprogram, City Matt, Mineral mattifying compact powder, 01 transparent. It was a great powder that gave this little highlight to the skin. Very delicate and very natural. The skin was beautifully glowing.

That is all for today. Let me know if you want to know what I’ve kept so I’ll update this post. And below is a picture how it looks now.

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