The truths that cannot be told. A short story of The Cat and The Dog || Blogmas 2018 day 13

The Cat (C) and The Dog (D)

C: Dog! Dog!

The Dog walks out of the kitchen slowly and looking surprised.

D: Wow Cat. It’s the first time you actually call me.

C: Don’t get so emotional. I’m calling you because I want to know what do you have for me for Christmas?

D: Oh silly Cat! It’s not a question for me.

C: Why not for you? What are you talking about?

D: It’s the question you should ask Santa.

The Dog sits proudly that he says something smart.

C: Like… you mean Santa Claus? Are you serious?

D: Yes, Cat! I am 100% serious! I don’t get you. You don’t believe in him?!

C: Well, how to tell you this so your tiny mind would understand..

D: No Cat!! You listen to me. It’s Santa Claus who brings the gifts every single year. We go to sleep, he sneaks in and when we wake up in the morning the gifts are already under the Christmas Tree. 

C: Dog, it’s..

D: Every year I try to catch him but every year I fail. I don’t know how he does that. When I was at the shelter I heard kids talking that they saw Santa Claus, they met him and they talked to him. They were the lucky ones. I’ve never even seen him. I wish one Christmas he’ll come to me and tell me I am a good dog. I hope I’m not on his naughty list for what I did to Roger.

C: OK, that’s enough! I’ll not listen to any of this anymore. The retard deserved what he got and you’re definitely not on a naughty list. You’re too, how people creatures call you, sweet. 

The Dog feels happy and licks The Cat then runs away to the kitchen where Katy is preparing the dinner. 

C: There are some truths that cannot be told sometimes. Like who smashed all the Christmas baubles from the Christmas Tree? 

The Cat talks smiling while watching himself in some lovely baubles hanging from the tree. 

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