The eyeshadow palette that suits Christmas. Makeup Revolution London, Flawless 3 Resurrection Review || Blogmas 2018 day 12

I have two things I love to buy when it comes to makeup. The first thing is a lipstick and the second one is an eyeshadow palette. Today, I’m going to talk about the second one. I am always looking for some good palette and I am always saving my money for it. You buy one and you have so many makeup possibilities. It’s something I love. I wanted to buy Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow palette because I heard they were good quality and there had a reasonable price tag. When I saw Flawless 3 Resurrection I thought “you’re mine!” and here I am writing about it. 

The packaging is beautiful. Copper gold mirror in the front is an amazing idea. It looks beautiful but also it is very fingerprint friendly. If you’re ok with it, as I am, then it’s not a huge problem. But if you like to have all your makeup clean you might not like this packaging much. When you open it you have a huge mirror inside. I totally love when palettes have big mirrors because then you don’t have to bring with you an additional mirror when traveling. 

Flawless 3 Resurrection has 32 ultra professional eyeshadows, at least this is what they write at the bottom. The colours are bronzes, golds, and reds. All very nice looking. The pigmentation is good. The best thing is you can build up a colour on your eyelid. If you want light makeup then you apply them once or twice. If you want to have highly pigmented colours then you apply it more times and voila. The formula is, what I like to call it, creamy dry. It feels creamy but becomes dry at the same time. I know that there is a name for this but I like what I call it. One more thing you have to remember before applying it on eyelids is patting the brush to let the excess of eyeshadow fall off. It’s because it gets loose. 

One may say there are a lot of similar colour shades in this palette and I will agree with him. But there cannot be very different ones there because then we will not be able to have a lot of makeup possibilities. And here we have. Because they are quite similar we can mix them however we wish and the makeup will always look good. The thing I’ve learned about it is that you really need to spend some time blending. They are not that easy to apply and just look good. You really need to take your time and learn how to work with this palette. And if you do, then it is a dream to making your makeup with it. 

To sum up, at first I thought I didn’t like it and I probably would not like it. But I gave it a try and I’ve been loving it since. This is a really good eyeshadow palette that doesn’t cost a fortune. A huge advantage is a big mirror. You get 32 eyeshadows and you can mix them however you want. Also, you need to spend some time learning how to work with it but only when you’ll know then it will be wonderful. There will be plenty of makeup ideas you’ll be able to come up with.

Do you have this palett? What do you think about it? 

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