What to give to a dad? The short list of gift ideas for dads || Blogmas 2018 day 11

We have a post about gift ideas for women, for men and for mums so now it is time for gift ideas for dads. I really like making these lists because not only they are general but also have some specific ideas. Without further writing anything else let’s see the list below.

  • socks – I know it is so stereotypical but the Happy Socks are just perfect and I love gifting them to anyone
  • a belt – I don’t know your dad but mine almost always wears a belt. And all my friends’ dads wear a belt so there’s definitely something about this gift.
  • a book – because it’s always a good idea
  • good electric shaver – most dads shave almost every day so giving a good quality electric shaver can be a very good present
  • a voucher – for anything dad always wanted to try
  • a T-shirt – it depends on what dad likes but it can be the one with superhero, funny image or just plain. Whatever his style is. 
  • perfume – if he likes perfumes
  • a skincare gift set – there are these nice gift sets which can contain a shower gel, body balm, aftershave foam or many more. There are different brands so there is always something to choose from.
  • a nice looking tie

I always struggle with getting something for my dad and I don’t think I’m getting any more creative every year. If you have anything you’d like to add to this list feel free to comment down below and I’ll add it here.

One thought on “What to give to a dad? The short list of gift ideas for dads || Blogmas 2018 day 11

  1. A CD with his favorite music or a DVD with a concert of his favorite band! Additionally, whatever a dad is interested in. If he likes fishing maybe a new hat or a fishing bait? <3

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