What to give to a mum? A short list of gift ideas for mum || Blogmas 2018 Day 10

We’re almost halfway there and I am truly happy about that. Yet, there are still so many things to do. One of the things I can cross out of my list is buying presents. I’ve prepared myself greatly this year and I’ve done the whole Christmas shopping before December. That’s why I have all the presents ready to be wrapped. It still doesn’t stop me from looking out for a few more little gifts for my family members. Today I want to share with you what are my gift ideas for mum. 

  • a scarf or cloth – there are plenty from which you can choose. You can get an elegant one or a more modern or a colorful one.
  • perfume – if you know which ones she likes then go for it.
  • a book – that’s always a good one. 
  • makeup – for mum you need to know what she uses because she usually has tested a lot of makeup products by now. Get her something she already has in her makeup bag or get her something similar what she already owns. 
  • skincare products – the same as it is with makeup you need to know what she uses and what she’ll like. My mum uses a very specific brand so giving her something else would not make her happy and the products would be given to my sister. After Christmas of course.
  • a jewelry – a nice bracelet or a pair of earrings would make a nice gift.
  • a nice candle – is she likes candles of course. There are many more luxury ones you can get or you can make your own gift set of a few little candles. It is up to you and your imagination.
  • voucher to SPA  – because mum needs to relax and we should allow her to
  • tickets to a theater for her and one additional person

What do you think about above? Maybe you want to add something to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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