The best kind of evenings. December pamper routine || Blogmas 2018 day 9

I like cozy evenings when I have time to relax and I don’t need to rush with anything. On evenings like this, I love to have some me time. I try to take some extra care of my skin. These kind of evenings are my favourite ones. In this post, I’ll tell you a little about what I currently use. 

I take my makeup off with Christian Laurent Luxury Micellar Water with Colloidal Gold |review| It is my favourite at the moment. It doesn’t irritate my skin and it smells quite nice. I like the big bottle that lasts forever. I still have the first bottle I’ve bought some time ago. After that I wash my face with Bielenda Hydra Care, Cleansing Face Oil |review| The oil removes what is still left of makeup. It is very gentle and OMG, it smells wonderful. I love coconut. 

For my peeling, I like to use Neutrogena, Visibly Clear, Pink Grapefruit daily scrub. It is very gentle and honestly, I can use it every single day. No lie! The consistency is a gel with very little scrubbing bits that are very delicate. It doesn’t irritate the skin and the exfoliation is nice. The skin on my face feels smooth and refreshed after use.

Next step is Lirene DermoProgram, Moisturizing gel with blackcurrant oil. I like to use it after my peeling. It is a thick gel that leaves a feeling of really moisturized and hydrated skin. The smell is very intense and if you don’t like blackcurrant scent, well, it is simply not for you. The gel doesn’t foam easily but is very nice in use. When I dry my face I take Bielenda Botanic SPA Rituals, Indian Fig Opuntia + Aloe, Hydrolate Toning Floral Water and with a cotton pad, I apply it on my skin. It is very nice and I like that it doesn’t dry my skin. I cannot say anything more because I’ve just started using it but so far I really like it. 

When all that is done, I take my favourite L’Oreal Paris, Moisturizing Night Cream, Moisturizing Expert |review| I love that it is so creamy and moisturizing and that it comes in the little glass jar. After all that, my skin feels moisturized and hydrated and just happy that I’ve taken so much great care of it. 

When it comes to my body I love to use Hean Natura, Slim no limit, Fruit SPA Shower Scrub. I try to use it twice a week. I love the smell and that it is delicate to my skin. The scrub contains Japanese cherry and acai berries extracts. It removes easily all the dead and dry skin. My body skin feels as if it is brand new. At the moment I don’ have any body balsam that I can use after the peeling. And my body is craving some good moisturizing. So if you have anything to recommend I’ll be grateful to hear that. 

That is everything I like to use on my pamper evening routine at the moment. I would love to read what you use during these kind of everning. Let me know in the comments below.

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