Is this foundation really worth your money? L’Oreal Paris, True Match foundation review || Blogmas 2018 day 7

I’ve been searching for a perfect foundation to my skin and I still haven’t found one. My skin is very challenging and to find anything great for it can be very difficult. I am hardly satisfied with anything. It’s because my skin is mostly dry and I don’t like when it’s visible.

I’ve been testing L’Oreal Paris, True Match, super-blendable foundation. The shade I bought is 1N Ivory. It is the lightest colour they have in their range. I always have to pick the lightest ones because my skin is very pale. The formula is creamy yet it is this powdery creamy. I am struggling with applying it. The beauty sponge is the best for it so far but I will try my bare hands. Maybe it will be a good idea. The foundation dries quickly and blends into skin nicely. However, if I don’t do a peeling twice a week then the foundation is visible. It shows all patches of dry skin and trust me it doesn’t look good.

When it comes to colour it suits me perfectly. As it is said it blends nicely and you cannot tell whether you applied something or not. The longevity is also great. Only after a long day you can tell that you were wearing foundation.

To sum up, I really like this one but it’s not perfect. I like that it blends easily and the colour beautifully matches my skin. However, the formula is not for my skin type. If I take extra care of my skin then it is great. If I have a bad skin day then, well, I’d better not use it.

What do you think about L’Oreal Paris True Match foundation?


3 thoughts on “Is this foundation really worth your money? L’Oreal Paris, True Match foundation review || Blogmas 2018 day 7

  1. I also have a love-hate relationship with this one. It can look AMAZING but it can also look like poo on some days… Anyway, it is nice to try out 😉

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