What to give to a wo​ma​n? The short list of gift ideas for her || Blogmas 2018 day 6

Last time I’ve shared my Christmas gift ideas for men with you and today it is time for a female version. I like to make lists and making those especially for gift ideas is the best thing ever. These lists became so practical and very helpful when you just get stuck up with thinking what to give someone. So if you still don’t know what to buy for your woman, girlfriend or sister then this list may give you a hint or simply it may inspire you. 

  • makeup – if she likes it then she’ll appreciate the gift so much, trust me. If you make some effort to find out what she likes or what she needs, it’s even better. If you’re not sure then you can buy one of the fantastic makeup sets and there is 90% chance she’ll love it.
  • skincare products – if she loves taking care of her skin then pick her favourite products or get her the skincare set that is more luxurious. I’ve been haunting for some Vichy skincare set or Nuxe one. I still haven’t decided which one I’ll get but I know I’ll be super happy.
  • Christmas sweater – it doesn’t have to be too cute, it can be just the one she can wear the whole winter. Also, find out if she likes Christmas sweaters because if she doesn’t then it is not a good idea.
  • jewelry – there is plenty you can choose from. Simply look what style she prefers and what she’s usually wearing and then pick something in that style. Or go crazy and get her something out of her comfort zone. It might be the best thing she’ll get. Because sometimes Christmas is for trying new things you’ve never thought you would try.
  • a book – that’s always a good present idea
  • a voucher – the same as it was with men, you can get a voucher for anything. It may be for a massage or diving with sharks. I don’t know. Your imagination can have no limit
  • a gift card for shopping to her favourite shop – because you didn’t know what she wants or needs or just simply it’s better if she picks it herself. That’s ok and it is great that most shops have gift cards. 
  • something special you know she loves – for example, I love reindeers and each Christmas I have to get anything related with them. I have a pretty great collection and everyone knows there’s no Christmas for me without a reindeer. So that’s something special for me and I believe everyone has something like I have with reindeers
  • perfume – her favourite ones only

Let me know what you think about it and what would you add to this list.

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