The perfect red lip products for Christmas || Blogmas 2018 day 5

I cannot imagine Christmas without me wearing red lips. I mean, well, I can imagine this but it wouldn’t be the same. I love wearing red lipstick and there’s never too much of them in my makeup bag. I am buying new ones and I think I’ll never stop. To be honest, December is more than any other month suitable for red colour on the lips. I quite don’t know why maybe because there’s red everywhere, you know Santa Claus is wearing red for example. Anyway, I have picked my four favorite products for this post and I’m going to share them with you (probably you can already tell by the photo above). 

Chanel, Rouge Allure, 99 Pirate 

My ultimate favourite lipstick. I got it one Christmas from my mum and it was my first high-end makeup. I remember I used to use it only on special occasions and for the rest of the days I used lipsticks from a drugstore. Rouge Allure has the most perfect packaging. Very elegant, simple and come on, it pops out when you press it. Yes, you’ve heard me good. You don’t take off the lid, you just press it in and it pops out. The colour is a classic red that looks pretty with everything. The formula is soft and velvet and each application feel like heaven. It stays on a really long time, however, I have to reapply it after every bigger meal. All in all, I love it!

L’Oreal Paris, Color Riche, 335 Carmin St Germain

This is a new one to my collection and so far I’ve been liking it a lot. The packaging is beautiful and it looks nice on my makeup table. The colour is bright classical red. Lighter than Chanel’s shade. It has a creamy formula with a satin finish. I always have to be careful with clothes with this one because it leaves marks on everything. I take my jumper off, bum, I have red all over my face and my jumper needs washing. If you’re careful then it is really worth buying lipstick. 

NYX, Soft matte lip cream, 10 Monte Carlo

Oh well, this one is matte. Sometimes it is good to wear a matte lipstick. You don’t have to worry about reapplying it or if it leaves smudges. NYX’s lip cream is perfect. Honestly, you apply it once and you can walk in it the whole day. The colour is the darkest of them all. But it isn’t the very dark red. As I said the formula is matte. The application is so easy and the product dries quickly. Only thing I don’t like is my lips feel a bit dry at the end of the day. So I always have to remember to use a lip balm after I take it off. 

Pierre Rene Professional, Lip Matic, 03

One does not simply wear red lipstick without wearing a lip liner as well. This is my always-go-for lip liner. It blends in with every bright red colour. It is soft and what’s more, you twist it and it comes out. You don’t need a sharpener. Isn’t that great! Oh and I can tell you it’s very, very hard to wash off. Sometimes I need to rub my lips or I’m doing a lip scrub to take it off perfectly. So if you’re looking for a really good lip liner that will survive everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, then go for this one. Totally worth every penny.

I love all of the above and I’m really happy I have them. They make my Christmas makeup more festive like. 

Do you like wearing red lipstick during December? And if yes, what’s your favourite lip product?

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