What to give to a man for Christmas? A gift ideas for him || Blogmas 2018 day 3

I always struggle when it comes to buying gifts for men. So I came up with a general list of things I can give to a man. I use it whenever I don’t have anything specific for a certain person. It really helps a lot because sometimes I feel stuck with thinking about gifts for people. And nothing comes to my mind but last year’s presents. So here is my list of gift ideas for men.

  • skincare products – if you know he likes to take care of himself
  • perfume – you have to know which ones he uses and maybe get some in gift sets. There can be not only a perfume but a body lotion or shower gel
  • products for beard and mustache – those things can cost a fortune and I believe every beard-man would love to get something like that as a present
  • a good book – that’s always something nice to give
  • socks – because you can never have enough pairs
  • a sweater or a T-shirt – if you know his size then just go to the store and pick what you think would suit him
  • video game – for video games lovers. Just remember to find out which ones he would like to have
  • a watch – a nice watch is always a good gift
  • electronic gadget – plenty of men loves gadgets so just get him something related to the area his most passionate about
  • voucher – here you can get creative because there are vouchers for almost everything. You can get a voucher for learning how to drive a sports car on the rally track. You can get a voucher for skydiving. You can get a voucher for riding a horse. Simply you can get a voucher for anything. 

What do you think about it? Let me know if you would like to add something to it. Also, I’ll try to update this if I have a new idea. 

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