The DIY advent calendar I’ve created this year || Blogmas 2018 day 1

Christmas season is finally here and I am truly happy about it. I couldn’t wait until 1st December and the only person who was stopping me from getting festive already one month ago was my fiance. I am grateful for it because if not him, well, I would have enough of Christmas. Probably, but I’m not sure if I can have enough of this wonderful season.

Anyway, I have decided to get crazy this month and do a blogmas. It sounds  like a lot of hard work but also exciting at the same time. Having a full-time job has changed me into the person that gave up all my hobbies. And I want to create a little space for myself again. The place where I feel happy so without further writing about it, let hop into the today’s post.

For 1st December I have chosen to share with you what my advent calendar looks like. It’s the third year I am doing advent calendar myself. This year I’ve done two copies, for me and my fiance. Inside little pockets, we can find Christmas edition sweets and our favorite ones. Also, this time I have decided to have little boxes in which I put things like socks, beauty products, jewelry, something fashion related but small, etc. The small gifts that are just nice to receive but maybe not under the Christmas tree. I mean it’s nothing wrong to receive them under the Christmas tree but they are just perfect to put in the advent calendar. So you can have them before Christmas Eve. 

What have I use to create this advent calendar?

I’ve been having a lot of these red pockets for years. They are really adorable so I didn’t have to worry about them. I’ve put only sweets to them. For gifts, I ordered boxes from the post office. They are cheap and they sell them in packages of 40 or so. At least in Poland. I’ve hidden all the gifts in them. For info, I have gifts only for 8 days in the season. Some decorations, like Christmas trees, are made by me and some I’ve collected over the years. 

I hung the twine on the pinboard and then using wooden clips I put up the pockets with sweets. For the countdown pictures, I went on Pinterest and found free printables which are adorable. I glued them to pockets and boxes. I wanted to decorate boxes more but having them set in the shape of a Christmas tree with the gnome at the top made me realize it would be too much. They are simple and I like them that way.

Why the DIY advent calendar and not the one from the shop?

First of all, I love making advent calendars. And getting what I love in it is the best option. Nothing will go to waste. What’s more, I could put sweets and beauty products and fashion products and jewelry. Isn’t that what most of us want in an advent calendar? 

Second of all, this year I couldn’t afford any beauty advent calendar that I wanted. They made the prices pretty high and I was a bit disappointed. Also, I’ve couldn’t decide which one I want because I wanted to have something from all of them. There were things I liked and I knew I wouldn’t use at all. That made me overthink and I’ve ended up buying none. Instead, I bought some new beauty products and accessories and put them into the advent calendar I’ve made. 

Final thought

I love the advent calendar I’ve made for myself and my fiancé. I love that there are sweets and some other things in it. The pockets after opening will be replaced with some Christmas decorations so I totally like that the whole view will be different on Christmas Eve. What’s more, the whole process of planning and creating the advent calendar made me more motivated and happier. And that’s the spirit I want to keep during the whole festive season.

Do you prepare advent calendar yourself or do you buy the ones from shops? Let me know in the comments below what you think and share what your advent calendars look like. Also, if you want to see what’s inside the pockets and boxes you can follow me on Instagram. I’ll be sharing it all and more of Christmas in my insta stories. 

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