Have you heard about this amazing brand that makes 100% natural cosmetics with aloe vera? ​The review of shampoo and conditioner made by Finca Canarias || Beauty


I cannot lie I don’t like new cosmetics as a present. They are the best option for me, especially if they’re by a brand I haven’t heard of yet. The ones I’m going to be writing about today were given me as a gift. My parents went on a trip with my sister and her fiancee and while sightseeing they were introduced to the brand Finca Canarias which makes cosmetics with aloe vera. Because I had been talking a lot about me needed to buy some products with aloe vera, my mum thought that this brand’s cosmetics would be a perfect gift. So you know, we like to bring each other small presents from the places we visit. Anyway, I ended up with shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, soap and face cream. Today I’ll be writing about two first.

Finca Canarias is a family brand that makes cosmetics 100% natural, not tested on animals and completely organic. Isn’t it beautiful? What’s more, the prices are that high as you might expect. Their products contain pure aloe vera. It’s not a surprise after reading that they dedicated their business to farming aloe vera and they’ve been doing that for two generations. Which is quite impressive for me.

What is my opinion about shampoo and conditioner?

The shampoo has too watery consistency for me and it doesn’t foam as much as I would like to. I know not foaming much is a good thing because it means that the product is more natural but that’s just something I like about shampoos. The watery consistency makes me use more product than I usually do when it comes to the shampoos. It’s very easy to rinse off. A small amount of water and it vanishes away, personally, I think that’s a great thing. I don’t have to use so much water o wash it off completely. What’s more, this is one of few shampoos that helped me with my scalp skin. I have problems with dry skin on my head and I really have to look after it if I don’t want it to be worse. This shampoo regenerates and moisturizes my scalp and I simply love it for that.

The conditioner also has watery consistency but not that much. After application, I feel as if it was absorbed by my hair and I have nothing left to rinse off. This is truly the first conditioner that does not only this thing but also leaves my hair smooth, nourished and moisturized. My hair became easier to brush and they look healthier.

These products really work and I totally recommend them, especially for people like me who has sensitive scalp skin. They are natural and not tested on animals which makes them even more perfect. Also, the prices are pretty low and they sell it worldwide I believe. Let me know if you’ve heard of this brand, what you think about it and if you’re interested in their products the link to their website is down below.

Link: Finca Canarias website


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