The L’Oreal Paris eyeshadow palettes I do and don’t recommend || Makeup


I hadn’t bought myself an eyeshadow palette for a while so when I saw L’Oreal launching new ones I’d decided to wait for them. It had been 5 months or so until they were available in Poland. I was happy but at the same time surprised by the price. Too much for a drugstore eyeshadow palette. Fortunately, I bought them on sale so I had two at the price of one. And the palettes I’ll be reviewing today are L’Oreal Paris Cherry My Cheri and L’Oreal Paris Berry Much Love.


The packagings are beautiful. You can see through so you don’t have to open them to know what colours it contains. I don’t like that shades don’t have names, but this is just my little thing. Also, what I don’t like is that colours don’t seem to be organized. For me, they seem to be put into palette as a mixed up mosaic. However, I like all the shades. They are my cup of tea. There are mattes and shiny ones which make a lot of possibilities when creating a look. There are so many options you can go for.


In both palettes, the formula is quite oily dry and loose. I don’t know if there is something like oily dry but what I mean is when the shade is feeling loose and dry but it stays together. It is easy to blend. What’s more, some of the colours blend together creating a new shade. When first using these palettes I was trying to create a nice look but all colours blended into one. That’s why next time I was more careful with blending and all seemed fine. Some shades have more pigmentation than the other, but after all the pigmentation is nice.

I like these palettes and I will be working with them more in the future. Would I buy them for their price? No. It is definitely too much for this kind of palettes. If you want to try it wait for a sale or add it to your wish list for Christmas. I am not saying that I recommend them but at the same time I’m not saying I don’t recommend them.

What do you think about L’Oreal Paris eyeshadows palettes?




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