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I’ve been decluttering my room and I’ve found a box of used products I loved. I remember that I wanted to make a video with my empties. The video never happened so before throwing away all these empty bottles I have decided to share it with you. As I write this I haven’t looked properly into this box so I don’t know what is waiting for me. I wonder if I’d still remember some of those and what I thought about them. Maybe I’ll be inspired what to buy again especially right after I finished writing I’m going shopping with my mum. 

First thing, Oblepikha Siberica Professional, Deep Cleansing and Care Oblepikha Shampoo.  Now I have the one but with laminating effect. I remember this one very well. I loved that the small amount was enough for my thick and long hair. I remember it was foaming like crazy and that it has a lot of natural ingredients in it. The only thing that was irritating me was a very intense scent. I got used to it eventually but it was really hard. I definitely will be buying some more in the future.

In the box, I also have Oblepikha Siberica Professional, Intensive Hydration Oblepikha Conditioner. This one was for dry and normal hair while the shampoo I bought for normal and oily hair. Don’t ask me how I managed to do it. I was buying these two separately and I thought I am buying each for normal and dry hair. After a while, I have realized that I hadn’t. The conditioner was great but it wasn’t that economical. I used it twice as fast as the shampoo but I guess it’s always happening with the conditioners. The consistency is the one I like because it is more watery and therefore easier to apply.

Bielenda, Hydra Care, Cleansing Face Oil – Coconut & Aloe. I have the third bottle now. It is the washing face oil that I always reach for. It does its job perfectly. The skin is refreshed and all makeup is removed quickly. It does not irritate the skin but moisturizes a little. The only thing I don’t like is the pump with which you have to be careful so you don’t have a lot of product everywhere. I got used to using it but at first, it was a bit tricky.

Garnier Skin Naturals, Aqua Bomb, Super Moisturizing Gel Cream Antioxidant. It was absorbing fast and leaving the skin really hydrated. I liked that and I think that today I’ll buy myself a new one. I think it lasted for a month which is great for a cream you use every day in the mornings. When it comes to its consistency it was light and watery.

The next cream I have in my box is also from Garnier Skin Naturals but it’s Botanical Cream with Flower Honey. Oh my, I remember the smell of it. It was smelling like orangy honey. The consistency was more greasy. I used it in the evenings so it has some time to absorb. Right after waking up the skin was really nicely moisturized. Trust me, I am buying this one today also. I just have to 😉

Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional, Anti-age Super Power Mezo Serum. I used it the night before I applied my cream. I remember I loved it. The consistency was very watery and absorbed quickly. The skin was hydrated and refreshed. I like that it has a see-through bottle and a pipette. It made application so much easier. Only two drops were enough to cover my whole face.

And the last thing is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original. This is the only primer I used and worked for me. The shadows stay long on the eyelids and they don’t crease.

I think I will carry on collecting empty bottles from the products that worked for me and after some time I’ll be going back to what I liked. This today reminded me what I want to buy again. It’s good to go back to the things you liked and not only testing the new ones.

Do you have any empties you want to buy again?

P.S. I was on the shopping with my mum and bought Garnier Botanical Cream. They have it now in bigger packaging which is awesome. The other ones they didn’t have, unfortunately. 

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