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Those of you who are with me for a while knows that I am more of a BB cream girl. Many times I have said it is the best solution for me and my skin. They were perfect for the summer season when I needed only light coverage to hide some almost invisible blemishes. However, when I got more tanned and I became having more redness to my face they weren’t enough. I needed a little more coverage that’s why I have decided to look for a foundation that will work for me. Let’s be honest there are many different types of foundations so there needs to be the one for me.

First of all, I have to tell you something about my skin. My skin is dry and I have to be careful what I apply to it because if it’s not good it is visible right away. I hydrate my skin everyday and two times a week I try to do a peeling, otherwise, every bb cream or foundation is so much visible that I have to wash it off. I am telling you this so you know on what skin type I’ve been testing a product. Because the things that work for me may not work for you and another way around.

Now I can finally reveal you know it from the title already that I want to review Bielenda Make-up Academie Liquid Foundation with Vitamines. I have reached for it because I really like Bielenda and I was curious if this one will also be as good as most of their products. Let’s start with the packaging that is very simple. The small, glass bottle with golden details and a pump. There are those who like pumps and there are those who don’t. I still don’t know which group I am in 😉 In the bottle there are 30 ml or 1,0 fl.oz. of product. Personally, I think it’s a lot, but I am just starting the adventure with the foundations so that can change in the future.

Moving on, the formula is very creamy. I didn’t have any problems with blending it to my skin at all. Two pumps of it were enough to cover my whole face and neck. I used it mostly in the summer and the colour was perfect. I bought it in the lightest one which is 0 – light. Except this one there are also two more colours. Now, I don’t use it because my skin became paler and this colour is too dark for me. After application, this foundation becomes darker and it has orange tones in it that’s why it was perfect for the summer.

The longevity is impressive. I used it in the morning and it was still there in the evening.  Sometimes I felt only like re-touching again. What’s more, it didn’t leave marks on the clothes, however, I would be careful around white clothes as I always am.

To sum up, I really like this foundation. I like that the formula is creamy and you don’t have to blend much. The colour is perfect for summer because it gets darker when applied. I don’t like that there are only three colours in range but I understand that in Poland we don’t have that much skin colours, of course, I could argue with that but why would I? The packaging is pretty and simple. You can see how much product is still in the bottle. Also, I used only two pumps to cover my whole face which for me is a small amount. I am recommending this foundation to try because I think it’s worth trying.

Let me know what you think about it? And also, which one do you recommend me to try in the future?

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