Here they are – October goals || Diary & Thoughts

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I am happy that it’s October already. I love the rainy weather, cozy evenings and that Christmas is closer. I am already thinking too much of Christmas and yes, I have to force myself not to watch any Christmas movie yet. Even though today when I was walking to my work I felt that today is a perfect day for it. Anyway, it’s the beginning of Autumn and this month is full of tasks for me.

What I want to do this month?

30 day Yoga challenge – I have to start doing something that will help me reduce stress and anxiety level. Also, something that will make my body feel good. I have started the challenge but it’s two months later and I am on day 15. Not good at all. Today I am starting again and I really want to achieve that.

Start preparing for Christmas – I know it sounds crazy and some of you might roll your eyes when they read this. But I want to be Christmas ready this time of the year. Early Christmas ready. I want to have my shopping done earlier enough so I don’t overpay for some gifts and other things. I also want to start working on some decorations and advent calendar. This year would be the third time I will do the calendar myself. This year is hard because I still don’t know what I would do to beat the last two.

Big Autumn decluttering – as each year I want to do a big decluttering which means not only my wardrobe and makeup is going to be reduced by half but also all staff as books, decorations, jewelry etc. I want to donate some of them and some, unfortunately, would have to go to trash.

Three goals that I think I would be doing with the pleasure. They are pretty simple and easy which is just great. I cannot wait to Yoga day 1 exercise now so I’ll end this here.

What would you do in October?

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