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I will not lie but I am a huge fan of nail polishes. For years I’ve been buying a lot and I’ve collected a lot. But the time has come and I had to throw away almost all. They became not usable anymore. It was a hard moment for me. I had to let go of the colours I loved. What’s more, most of them aren’t available now. That’s the sad truth I had to get used to. The time passed and I was super excited to go shopping and buy myself some new ones.

You need to know few things about me and nail polishes. My taste changed a bit and I am looking for natural or pastel shades. Of course, I still buy the colours that are looking beautiful like green or blue and I’m always wearing them once or twice. Personally, I think that most of us have the same. We buy something to wear once and then to admire most of the times wishing there will be other occasions to wear it again.

Anyway, I’ve been testing a lot of nail polishes. Some were great and some were terrible. I’ve learned a lot about nail polishes and what I look for when I reach for one. I found the ones I totally love for almost everything, to be honest, but who cares everything. Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to present you AA Wings of Color, Oil Therapy nail polishes. I only have seven but I want to have them all and I know that one day I will. How wonderfully pretty they will look on my makeup table. One day.

Fast drying, safe formula enriched with vitamin E, oil from baobab seeds, peach and argan, like a therapy nourishes and strengthens the nail plate, moisturizing it from the outside

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Before hopping into shades I would like to tell you what I like and I don’t like about them. Light shades need to have two or three layers to look great on the nails. Without a top coat some colours splinter. They will stay longer on the nails when you cover them with the layer of toneless polish. Now to the advantages, the brush is wide and it is very easy to apply the lacquer. I know there are some who hates wide brushes but it suits my needs perfectly. The formula really dries quickly and even I was surprised by it.

In this range there are a lot of different colours so everyone can find something for themself. I have a lot of natural shades. My fiancee said they all look the same, but I know you can tell the difference. All look amazing on the nails. Even though I have to apply few layers of some the pigmentation is pretty good. I like it. Below are colours I have:

Let me know what you think about them 🙂

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