Autumn bucket list ideas that would make you feel like a kid again || Diary & Thoughts

nature red forest leaves
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I am getting back to writing again (how many times did I say that, because I think a lot recently). We have finally September and autumn is starting showing up everywhere. I cannot tell how happy it makes me. I feel a very intense urge to decorate my room with all different kinds of autumn related things.

As for the goals, they just stay the same as there were in August (read). I was and still am feeling like my motivation has taken some break from me. It sometimes appears for a second and then runs away from me. However, this season is changing me a little and is making me want to do more. That’s why I have decided I will not give up on the previous goals and they will stay the same for this month.

In this post, I will share with you my list of things I want to do during this autumn. Suddenly, I felt like for a while I hadn’t done things that were making me happy. I remember that this season was the one that I liked a lot. It is because autumn and winter are the cozy seasons for me and there are many small things that make it perfect. By the way, I thought I need to go back to roots so I can move forward. I need to feel like a kid sometimes so I don’t go crazy 🙂

  • Go for a walk in the park or woods when the leaves have changed their colour
  • Make a bouquet of colourful leaves
  • Go for a chestnuts picking in The Old Town as I used to with my parents when I was little
  • Bake a pumpkin pie (to be honest, I would do it today but there still aren’t any pumpkins in the shops)
  • Buy some pumpkins just to add them on the shelves to look pretty
  • Watch and read Harry Potter series again (autumn is perfect for that)
  • Have some cozy evening with a book and a blanket
  • Organize a bonfire and invite family and friends to it
  • Prepare all the lovely sweaters for the season
  • Drink a lot of hot chocolate
  • Go to Escape Room with friends

These will be all the ideas I came up with and all I really want to do. There are some cozy-lazy ones and there are some ‘let’s move’ ones. I think everyone can find something for himself. Also, let me know what do you want to do during this autumn. If you have any ideas I’d love to read them 🙂

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