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If there is a brand I always got back to it must be Bielenda. I can hardly tell if there was a moment for the last year that I did not have anything from them. I remember when I was just glancing at their products in local stores. I did not know anything about them and if their cosmetics really work. But one day, when I was just bored with the creams I was using at the moment, I thought why not try something new? Also, I was looking for something light and with more watery consistency. That’s how I reach for Bielenda.

Bielenda Natural Cosmetics was established in 1990 and since then they’ve been producing natural body and face cosmetics. In their range, there are so many amazing products that everyone will find something for themselves. All Bielenda cosmetics are made in Cracow, Poland. That makes me really happy, but I guess I am always happy when the great beauty company was and is still Polish. That’s a little patriotic behavior of mine.

For the past 25 years, Bielenda has been exploring the world of beauty and care to help women discover their natural attractiveness. Inspired by the growing expectations of clients and the upcoming trends, Bielenda perfectly combines the richness of plant extracts with the latest developments in technology and cosmetology. The company offers cosmetics which represent the best performance parameters and satisfy the most restrictive quality and safety criteria.

– Bielenda

Bielenda does not test on animals and what’s more, the company expects the same from their business partners and suppliers. They test their products in vitro and in vivo. All tests are provided by highly professional experts in dermatology. Through years of experience they have developed four principles and rules by the way they work:

  • Synergy of nature
  • Selected plant extracts closed in unique proprietary cosmetic formulas
  • Effectiveness and safety
  • Best quality at a reasonable price

I really recommend trying some products of theirs. The range is so wide and different that everyone will find something. Also, the fact that they don’t test on animals and they expect the same from others is just amazing. Bielenda is one of my favourite brands and as it looks now it does not go anywhere from that list. If you want to read more and find out what they have in their range go to their website (link down below).

Have you ever heard of Bielenda? What do you think about it?



Bielenda website


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