This is the ​time for monthly goals​. ​What I want to achieve in August? || Diary & Thoughts

July passed by and I tried really hard to have all things done from last month || post. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to have them all done as I wished to. I must say that in general, I struggled with some monthly goals. So I thought why not give me a second chance and try to achieve them again? I went through my past posts and made a list. August goals are the previous ones I never fully achieved. Below is my list with the month I took them from. Also, I modified some of them so they are more achievable for me.

January || post

Practice my photography

Play the guitar regularly

Go for long walks min. 4 times a week.

February || post

Film A YouTube video

April || post

Prepare more of my blog posts

June || post

Work on my previous blog posts

July || post

Read to sleep every single night

Declutter my wardrobe

Spread positivity around me


I will try really hard to make myself proud this month. I’d be so happy if I manage to achieve all above.

What are your August goals? Let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to read them 🙂