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July is being very difficult for me. All my colleagues are one after the other going on holiday so I have a lot of work to do. When I get back home after eight hours I am so tired that I hardly can speak. Also, the time runs so fast. It’s day after day, week after week and now we are one day away from August. When all this time passed by? It is really a struggle for me nowadays.

I am writing this post from the beginning of July and I really want to share it with you. This summer is still here so I am only a little late with this post. But I like to read what people have in their makeup bags for different occasions. Today, I would like to show you what I have for the summer in my makeup bag.

Before I apply anything from makeup to my face I like to use Sun Expert Dax Sun, Protective Face Cream. It has SPF 50+. HEV and IR Protection, UVA and UVB protection. Also, it is waterproof. It smells like traditional sun protective cream and the formula is like any other from this kind. I really like that it is protecting the skin from a lot of things.  The cream absorbs quickly and probably I will buy myself another packaging of it.


The base

For the foundation, I use Bielenda, Make-up Academie, Liquid Foundation with Vitamines. Vit. A+C+E. I have a shade 0 light. This isn’t full coverage but I am not looking for it in the foundation. I like that it evens my skin colour and it covers all my redness. It stays in one place for the whole day. It blends beautifully and it literally feels as if I don’t have anything on.

Under my eyes, I apply Catrice Cosmetics, Liquid Camouflage, High Coverage Concealer in shade 010 Porcellain. This one is my favourite for ages. It has nice coverage and longevity. It brightens the area under the eye. I sometimes use it to my red spots when I have them.


The eyes

I like to start my eye makeup by defining my brows with WIBO, Eyebrow Pencil, Shape & Define, in shade 2. I have started to use it recently and I quite like it. The pencil is soft and the lines are easy to draw. The only thing I am not sure about is the shape of the pencil. It is a rounded triangle or a tear-shape. For me, it was a bit weird to use it at first but now I got used to it.

As a primer for the eyeshadow, I use Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Original. So far it works with all my eyeshadows making them stay in one place for the whole day.

L’Oreal Paris, Color Riche L’Ombre Pure, Nude, in shade 206 Little Beige Dress is the eyeshadow I use almost every single day. I opt for more natural makeup that’s why I have chosen the nude shade. It has a creamy consistency and very good pigmentation. I apply it with my fingers at the whole lid. It stays in one place for a day. This shade brightens the eye and it can be used as a highlighter also.

Chanel, Sublime de Chanel mascara, 10 is my favourite mascara of all time. It may not give that much volume but it separates my lashes, makes them visible and at the same time, it looks incredibly natural.


The face

As a bronzer, I use Smart Girls Get More Shimmer, Bronzing Powder, 102 Glitter. I really like it. It has some shimmer in it so at the same time the bronzer gives a little highlight. The summer is a time when I love to have a sparkly like Edward skin. Of course it is a joke, but to be honest, this time of the year is just perfect for using more shimmery products than usual. I like my skin to look fresh and glowy and this bronzer definitely gives that effect.

For the blush, I have two products Golden Rose, Powder Blush, Soft & Silky, in shade 05 Shimmer Rose and Ingrid Cosmetics, Blush, Satin Touch, in shade 10. They are both mattes. Both have great pigmentation and are easy to blend. Also, the shades are almost similar because both are peachy. The second one has a gentle satin finish while the first one is fully matte.

We came to the highlighter and since I bought it I use it almost all the time – Hourglass, Ambient, Lighting Powder, shade Luminous Light || review. Sometimes I apply it only on my cheekbones but most of the time I take the fluffies and biggest brush I have and let it cover my whole face. It is so gorgeous I love it so much.


The finish

The last thing I do is using Bielenda, Make-up Academie, Fixer Mist. It is something new to my makeup collection. So far I like it. It really helps everything to stay in one place.

You may wonder why I didn’t mention any lipstick. At the moment I use different brands but I always try to stick to natural, nude shades. This would be everything for today. I hope to post something again very soon.

What is in your makeup bag for summer?

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