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I like to take care of my body and I am a fan of using different types of creams to different parts of my body. Of course, I don’t go to the extreme – two or three is enough. Because let’s be honest, who would have spent that much time in the bathroom? There might be few people but I am not that type of the person. Anyway, I started to use a cream for the bust. It is Pour La Forme, Bust Firming & Tightening Concentrate by Christian Laurent ||brand introduction||.

What does the maker say about this?

“The concentrate ensures non-invasive plumping, firming and shaping of the breasts. It owes its efficiency to the 24K Gold Lift Up™ technology, that is to say ,the golden firming treatment which works through natural bust plumping. […] The formulation also includes hyaluronic threads increasing the skin’s firmness and elasticity. The ultra-nourishing Nutri-Cloudberry complex deeply hydrates the skin, which makes it more immune to any aging factors. Pure 24K gold particles give skin the nourishment and firmness it needs.” – Christian Laurent

What I think about it?

The consistency is a bit greasy yet very smooth. It has this soft and velvet feel that I absolutely love. The concentrate absorbs quickly and leaves the skin hydrated. After a month of using my small boobies became more firm. Which is an odd thing to say, when I think about it. I always thought that they are in a pretty good condition but I saw a little difference in the way they look. They became firmer and a bit bigger 😉 Maybe that’s also because I changed the way I move, sit and stand. Maybe. Also, my whole bust became smoother and more hydrated. The skin looks beautiful and it feels very nice. 

I would absolutely like to recommend it. Not only it has pretty packaging but also it really works. And I just really like it.

Do you use bust concentrates? What do you think about this one?


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